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Ceramic Berry Bowls/ Colanders: Purple

Ceramic Berry Bowls/ Colanders: Purple

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Handmade wheel thrown Ceramic Berry Bowls/Colanders

7/14/2019: These 5 items are in stock. If ever not in stock, then you can order one, 2 week lead time til ship date.

Size : Approximately 6 1/4" Diameter x 2"H

Dishwasher Safe.

There are two bigger oval openings by the rim for inserting a finger, which is great for handling the bowl more securely.

All bowls have a trimmed bottom with exposed natural clay.

There will always be variations on glazing, as this is a handmade product and that's what makes the pieces unique and beautiful. That being said, bowl #3 is more or less the same color as the other bowls, but appears a bit darker in my picture due to lighting challenges.